Match Report
Westbrook Hay Preparatory School Boys-1st Team vs  Edge Grove
On: Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019
Venue: at Home

Well, the big day finally arrived as did the big opponents from Edge Grove. This was our first match of the season and it was clear from the start that success for us would depend on skill. Our squad were very inexperienced, only 3 of the boys having represented the school in basketball before.We played what were effectively an A and a B match, each of 20 minutes duration.

The B's played first and it was very even despite EG being a one man (yes, Man!) team. The A's then played, we reshuffled the teams and played again. The outcome was that the B's drew and he A's narrowly lost. What let us down was our shooting and it made the bys regret not being more focussed in our Thursday morning practices! I'm sure that they will be from now on in!